Manuel Feria



Although I finally choose compositing as my career goal, I have been programming since my first day of university. I studied a Computer Science degree and I took a Master in Science in Games Development which I graduated with distinction.

Here, you can find some of my previous work in programming:

Videogames (2011-2012)

General Goal: Combine a number of Games Development and Virtual Reality technologies to build a 3D game, a learning environment or a simulation.

Specific Goal: Billiard game -> Simulate a billiard game as real as possible.

Dr Googler -> Develop an interactive biped character based game.

Programmed in: Billiard game -> C++, OpenGL and H3DAPI.

Dr Googler -> C++ and FMOD

Implemented by: Billiard game -> Myself.

Dr Googler -> 3 UEA students. Myself included.

CAD program (2011)

General Goal: Use a number of Advance programming techniques to create an application.

Specific Goal: Implement a CAD program.

Programmed in: Java

Implemented by: 3 UEA students. Myself included.

Bubbler game (2011)

Goal: Implement a simple game using the MCBSTM32C evaluation board.

Programmed in: C, assembly language.

Implemented by: Myself.